Welcome! We are excited to share this calendar of SDE-related events around the world, including both physical and virtual meetups. We update this calendar frequently but also rely on crowdsourcing, so if you have an event to share please contact us!

Real Life Self-Directed Learning by Children from India

30th May, Saturday at 10.30 am EST, 8pm IST Virtual - Google Meet

Two months ago, a group of 10 -14 year children from Pune, India, came together and decided to learn basic programming. Sounds familiar, right?

But there is one surprising element to this story. These children decided to choose self-directed way of learning. They decided to learn on their own without any coercion or immediate guidance.

Only one of these kids has previous self-directed learning experience whereas other kids adopted it quickly which was really unbelievable! They started with Scratch then did the code combat and now we learning the basics of Python from Microsoft via EDX.

Nidhi, Anish, Ayush, Kaivalya, Rahi and Sneh right from deciding to come together, were the ones planning and implementing the ongoing activities.

Join us as they share their story through google meet on May 30th! To listen this exciting journey of self - directed learners please click here.

ALC Webinars #7: SDE and Disability with Crystal Byrd Farmer from Gastonia Freedom SchoolALC Webinars #7: SDE and Disability with Crystal Byrd Farmer from Gastonia Freedom School

Sunday, May 31st, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST Virtual

We've talked generally about how our ALC communities support folks with all kinds of different interests, needs, and abilities. What does that support specifically look and sound like when we're centering what works for kids and adults with disabilities? How do we change our meetings and tools, our facilitation, and the set-up of our spaces as the needs of our community members change? We are often asked if SDE "works" for kids with disabilities... and the answer is YES! Join us to learn more about how and why.

The “How” of Creating a Self-Directed Learning Community: 3 Online Discussions with Ché-vanni Davids, Founder of Reimagined Learning Community

June 2020

Thursday, June 4th, 2020, 7 pm GMT+2 - Reimagined community past, present, and future.
Thursday, June 11th, 2020, 7 pm GMT+2 - Realizing, activating and participating in community aligned with Unschooling, Decolonization, and Liberation.
Thursday, June 18th, 2020, 7 pm GMT+2 - Reflecting on the histories of communities in order to reimagine future and present ones.

Joyspring Online Family Festival

Tuesday, June 2nd - Thursday, June 4th, 2020

An online festival of resources and support for homeschoolers.
Fun ways to nurture relationships with your families, communities and the planet.
Embrace joy and natural learning.

ALC Webinars #8: Self-Direction at Home with Bria Bloom from PDX Flying Squads

Sunday, June 7th, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm ESTSunday, June 7th, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST Virtual

Trust and authenticity are central to the practice of both Self-Directed Education and parenting. Screen time, household responsibilities, work, sharing space, learning, time together, alone time, conflict, daily activities -- all of this and more comes up during regular days living and learning together alongside our young people. But now more than ever we are facing these daily, and consistently, without much time to adjust. What does SDE at home look like? How can you take the SDE mindset of ALC and other facilitators and apply it to your parenting and family relationships? What does it mean to facilitate SDE with a young person? SDE and the partnership mindset can really support us in navigating our relationships with one another, and especially with our young people. Join us to work through ways you can shift your mindset, support yourself, your young person, and your household, and see the ways learning can, and is, happening through all of this. *If you have current struggles you are experiencing and want to work through feel free to bring those examples and we will strive to work them out with you

AERO Conference

Thursday, June 25th - Sunday, June 28th, 2020

The Alternative Education Resource Organization's annual conference, completely online for the first time!

NomadTogether Remote Conference

August 2020

Gain knowledge and skills to live a life of location independence as a family! This year, topics are education and money on the road (including unschooling and worldschooling!).

EUDEC 2020

Sunday, August 2nd - Saturday, August 8th, 2020 Sofia, Bulgaria

13th annual European Conference on Democratic Education.

Homeschool Association of California Conference

Thursday, August 6th - Sunday, August 9th, 2020 San Jose, California, USA

So much more than just a conference - it's a celebration, a party, a statewide gathering of homeschoolers and their families for learning, friendship, support, and fun! Featuring some of the best-known speakers in the homeschooling and parenting community, HSC's annual conference is a place to explore, relax, learn and find time to meet with new friends.

East Tennessee Unschooled Summer Camp

Sunday, August 9th - Sunday, August 16th, 2020 Maryville, Tennessee, USA

A 7 night secular camp for approximately 80 unschooling teens (13-19) from all over the country. There are many activities, camper & staff run workshops, jam sessions, a hammock haven, bonfires, swimming, a climbing tower & ropes course challenge, mentoring, dancing, making friends, and so much more.

Northeast Unschooling Conference

Thursday, August 13th - Sunday, August 16th, 2020 Wakefield, Massachusetts, USA

An annual gathering of unschooling families, providing a dynamic mix of speakers, presentations, hands-on arts workshops, opportunities for reflection, connection with a broader unschooling community, and conference activities geared towards engaging, entertaining, inspiring, and empowering each member of your family.

Free To Be Unschooling Conference

Thursday, September 3rd - Sunday, September 6th, 2020 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

A celebration of living and learning outside the box.
Come join us as we hear from informative and inspirational speakers; learn about new ways to connect with our children; challenge ourselves to think deeply; recharge our unschooling and parenting batteries; share information, resources, and support; examine new ideas; make new friends and reconnect with old ones; play (a lot); laugh (a lot); and HAVE FUN.

Family Adventure Summit

Saturday, September 5th - Wednesday, September 9th, 2020 Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

The Family Adventure Summit is an in-person gathering of up to 400 inspiring people intent on living with purpose and adventure. It's a super fun, high energy, and family-focused event to celebrate family connection, life learning, long-term travel, community, creative living, and enjoying life to the fullest.
This is the place to meet friends who understand the benefits and challenges of long-term travel, location independence, remote income, alternative education, family relationships, community, and so much more.

Freeing Our Children To Learn and Grow In Our Ever-Changing World

Friday, October 9th - Monday, October 12th, 2020 Rowe, Massachusetts, USA

ASDE's first in-person gathering, co-hosted by Peter Gray, Akilah S. Richards, Alexander Khost, and Bria Bloom. This gathering is for anyone looking to deepen their practice and knowledge in Self-Directed Education, children's rights, and raising free people; co-create an experience that reflects your questions and interests; learn more about what Self-Directed Education looks like and how so many different types of people are living and doing this work; and connect with folks who are sharing in this movement to raise free people together.

Project World School Family Summit

Monday, October 12th - Friday, October 16th, 2020 Hoi An, Vietnam

The Project World School Family Summits are designed as temporary community hubs where we gather in the spirit of community and co-create valuable learning experiences. The summits are designed as a forum for all; from veteran worldschoolers to those who are just starting out as a place to add to our collective wisdom, share experiences, challenges and triumphs and support one another.
The Project World school Family Summit is a five day gathering for worldschooling families. This unique conference hosts sessions, roundtables, panel discussions and workshops about everything worldschooling, including travel, family matters, health & wellness and education.

International Democratic Education Conference 2020

Wednesday, October 14th - Monday, October 19th, 2020 Kathmandu, Nepal

13th Annual Unschoolers’ Waterpark Gathering

Sunday, December 13th - Thursday, December 17th, 2020 Sandusky, Ohio, USA

Also a conference, including speakers, funshops, teen & grown unschoolers' panels and more! Our mission is to facilitate and to inspire a sense of unity, connection, and community in an environment that is safe, nurturing, and fun.

LEAP Homeschool Conference

Friday, February 26th - Saturday, February 27th, 2021 San Diego, California, USA

A homeschool conference with an appreciation for our ability to Learn, Explore, Advocate, and Play together. Our mission is to facilitate and create space for open, respectful dialogue in our diverse homeschooling community while supporting parents, students, and the San Diego homeschooling community.

California Homeschool Network Family ExpoCalifornia Homeschool Network Family Expo

Thursday, May 13th - Sunday, May 16th, 2021 Garden Grove, California, USA

CHN's Family Expo is the homeschool conference for everyone, from beginning homeschoolers to veterans, young and old - there is something for everyone! The CHN Family Expo is a locally produced, all-inclusive event. We are here to promote the "community" in the homeschooling community.

Summerhill Festival of Childhood


A collaborative, international festival with many other democratic/alternative education event organisers to host one big event in 2021 to celebrate childhood as a whole and the inspirations A. S. Neill has given the world.
This festival will be a community and family event. So far, we have united with IDEC, EUDEC, APDEC, AERO, ASDE and Freedom to Learn Forum.

Have an event to share? Contact us!