Welcome! We are excited to share this calendar of SDE-related events around the world, including both physical and virtual meetups. We update this calendar frequently but also rely on crowdsourcing, so if you have an event to share please contact us!

MEET (Meditation, Education and Ecology for Transformation)

October 1-4, 2021 Asheville, NC

We find large, especially online, conferences, frustrating. There is
always too much information to digest, too many interesting people to
get to know, too much broadcasting and not enough connecting. So we end
up doing our own work, reaching out, networking, setting up
post-conference events with the handful of people that we connect with.

What if we had a conference that focused on quality, not quantity, of
both information and connection? What if we spent four days together,
camping in a beautiful setting with like-minded, like-hearted
educators who share an interest in transforming themselves and the
world through meditation, education and ecology?

We are planning an in-person gathering for the first week of October
in Asheville NC: MEET (Meditation, Education and Ecology for

We are calling the gathering a micro-un-conference, and plan to include
elements of a conference (hearing from elders/experienced
practitioners), meditation retreat (morning and evening sits) and
un-conference (Open Space Technology). At the core of the gathering is
building relationships and enabling connections between individuals
and organizations that are working to transform our systems. We hope
to bring together 6 - 24 people for this gathering.

The dates of the gathering will be Oct. 1 - Oct. 4 and then we are
inviting folks to stick around after if they want, until the 6th, for
a couple fully unscheduled days of connection.

If interested, please reach out to Mihai or Dan and/or join us on a Monday Zoom Call.

Summerhill Festival of Childhood


A collaborative, international festival with many other democratic/alternative education event organisers to host one big event in 2021 to celebrate childhood as a whole and the inspirations A. S. Neill has given the world.
This festival will be a community and family event. So far, we have united with IDEC, EUDEC, APDEC, AERO, ASDE and Freedom to Learn Forum.

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