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Alliance for Self-Directed Education
Newsletter #5 — 2016-10-24

How We See Self-Directed Education (a new video!)

Dear Allies,

Are you practicing home-based self-directed education, commonly known as "unschooling"? Are you a location-independent "worldschooler" traveling the globe? Are you involved with a full-time school that supports self-directed education? Are you a part of a co-op or resource center that trusts children to pursue their own interests or even learn entirely through play? Maybe you have friends and family engaged in one of these approaches and you’ve seen the positive impact.

We understand there are many different expressions of self-directed education amongst us! To turn a struggle into a movement, we must acknowledge these nuanced differences as a strength and embrace a collective common denominator. We need to unite around what we all know to be true — that self-directed education works.

We’re working on a video that will explain what self-directed education is and how it works, but today we're releasing a video about how we see self-directed education showing up in our world today:

We hope you enjoy it. We hope you identify with it.

Check it out, send us your feedback, and share it with friends!

The Alliance for Self-Directed Education
Organizing Team

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