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Alliance for Self-Directed Education
Newsletter #7 — 2016-12-08

Launch Phase 2: New Website, Online Magazine, and More!

Dear Allies,

Back in August, we put up a simple web page with our definition of Education and Self-Directed Education, and shared a video from Peter Gray describing the intention behind the Alliance. At the AERO conference in Portland, we announced the project and held a collaborative workshop to brainstorm ways in which the Alliance could serve its future members and work towards fulfilling its vision of a world where Self-Directed Education is a normal and accessible option for all. That was Phase 1.

Today we launch Phase 2: the brand new Alliance For Self-Direct Education website, including a comprehensive Primer on Self-Directed Education and a new video. We have also launched Tipping Points — an online magazine from The Alliance that highlights the various flavors, expressions, and experiences of Self-Directed Education.

We are absolutely thrilled to share this with you today! Please explore the site, share it with your networks, and send us your feedback — we want to hear from you!

There’s a lot more we intend to do for the SDE Movement, so we have a page on the new site where you can make a tax-deductible donation to help jump-start The Alliance. Let’s give this movement wings!


Looking forward, we anticipate two more phases to our launch process:

Phase 3: In early 2017 we will launch our Charter Membership period. Members will get a user account on our website, allowing them to interact with other members in our forums, another feature coming during Phase 3. In addition, we will be developing a Resource Directory structured as a searchable database any member can contribute to. This will allow us to crowdsource the most comprehensive directory of SDE schools, learning centers, co-ops, books, films, and more. We’ll also have member profiles and a member-sourced Calendar of SDE-related events.

Phase 4: We plan to shift our focus into supporting and organizing around specific projects that emerge from the discussions and needs of our members.

Thank you for all that you’re doing for the movement and for your support in helping us create a world where Self-Directed Education is common and accessible to all.

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