Our Comprehensive Resource Directory

When our Resource Directory is published in early 2018, members of the Alliance will start collecting and organizing information about all kinds of resources available to support Self-Directed Education throughout the world. Below is a list of the types of resource information we will be including in our database.

Resource Categories

  • SDE Communities
    Schools, co-ops, resource centers, and social programs that bring people together with the intention of supporting SDE.
    • Schools
      SDE-aligned schools satisfy the legal requirements of compulsory schooling laws while giving students as much freedom as possible to direct their own education.
    • Co-ops & Resource Centers
      Organizations that provide support, resources, and community for self-directed learners who are usually registered as homeschoolers.
    • Playgroups & Park Days
      Regular, casual gatherings of SDE-oriented families where people of all ages are free to socialize and engage in self-directed play.
    • Adventure Playgrounds
      Instead of traditional, adult-designed play structures, these outdoor spaces provide tools and supplies with which children are free to create their own structures and experiences.
    • Early Childhood Programs
      Places where very young children engage primarily in self-directed play, including play-based daycare, childcare, and “preschool” programs.
    • Art Centers & Makerspaces
      Places where young people have access to tools, supplies, collaborators, and support for tinkering and creative projects, including high-tech inventions, arts and crafts, music and video production, etc.
    • Intentional Communities
      This includes ecovillages, cohousing, intentional neighborhoods, or any other type of residential community that actively supports SDE for its younger members.
    • Summer Camps
      Camps that let children direct their own activities, providing support for self-discovery instead of imposing a school-like curriculum and schedule.
    • Travel & Worldschooling
      Organizations that support young people and families who want to learn about the world through direct experience of other places and cultures.
    • Other SDE Communities
      NOTE: Online "virtual" communities are included in this category only if they feature some form of live interaction like video-conferencing. Other online groups (e.g., forums, email groups, Facebook groups) are listed under "Information & Media Websites".
  • Advocacy & Support
    Organizations and groups that advocate SDE and support SDE practitioners, facilitators, and/or community organizers.
    • Local SDE Groups
      Groups of SDE-aligned parents, facilitators, and advocates who meet regularly, in person, to share support and information about SDE and/or to organize local SDE advocacy projects.
    • Advocacy Organizations
      Regional, national, and international organizations that advance the SDE movement (or related causes) through direct advocacy work and/or by supporting individual advocates and local organizers.
    • Conferences, Retreats & Festivals
      Recurring (usually annual) SDE-themed gatherings, often family-oriented, where attendees can share knowledge and enjoy being immersed in a community of like-minded people.
  • Information & Media
    Recommended books, videos, websites, blogs, podcasts, research, news, and other SDE information sources.
    • Books
      Books about SDE, in theory and in practice.
    • Film & Video
      SDE-themed movies, documentaries, videos, and TV/web series.
    • Podcasts & Radio Shows
      SDE-focused audio content sources.
      (Note: Audiobooks are included in "Books".)
    • Websites, Blogs & News
      Online sources of SDE-related information and support.
    • Research & Journals
      Scientific and academic research related to SDE.
    • Other Info & Media
  • Professional Services
    Service providers who have SDE-related knowledge and/or who serve with respect for the needs and values of those engaged in SDE.
    • Workshops & Training
      Organizations and businesses (not specific events) that provide training and experiential learning related to the practice of SDE.
    • Consulting & Coaching
      Includes support for educational planning, deschooling, parenting, special needs, and more.
    • Mental Health & Counseling
      Includes counselors and mental health professionals who understand SDE and support parents who choose SDE for their children.
    • Physical Health & Wellness
      Includes SDE-friendly doctors, chiropractors, occupational therapists, nutritionists, alternative/holistic health practitioners, and more.
    • Legal Support
      Includes lawyers, expert witnesses, and legal consultants who are sympathetic to the legal hurdles often faced by parents, school organizers, and others involved in SDE.
    • Other Professional Services
      SDE-friendly professionals who don’t fit any of the above categories.
  • Misc. Resources
    • Other Misc. Resources
      Resources for which no other category is applicable.