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In the last decade we’ve seen considerable growth in the number of unschooling families, SDE-aligned schools, learning centers, co-ops, and many other forms of Self-Directed Education support communities. We are marching toward the tipping point at which virtually everyone will know about SDE and understand that it’s a natural, valid educational path. Now is the time to give this movement a boost!

We welcome organizations and individuals who are passionate about mobilizing the Self-Directed Education movement to become Sponsors of the Alliance by contributing $250/year or more. Sponsors (except for any who choose anonymity) will be featured by name on our website.

How to become a Sponsor:

  1. Donate $250 or more
    Follow the donation instructions below. (We prefer that you donate through your individual membership if possible.)
  2. Contact Us
    Let us know that your donation was on behalf of your organization for sponsorship. (Go to our Contact page.)

Three Ways to Donate:

  • Through Membership   Recommended!
    If you're already a member, go to My Account and select “Make a New Donation.” Otherwise, you can donate as you sign up for membership.
  • With PayPal
    If membership-based donation doesn't work for you, you can donate with PayPal.
  • By Check in the Mail   Send check to...
    Alliance for Self-Directed Education
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    United States
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