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A Megaphone for the Movement.

Every year more parents, educators, and young people discover and choose Self-Directed Education. Parents are learning how trust their children and see them with fresh eyes; educators are boldly stepping outside of the traditional system to build self-directed learning communities; young people are dropping out to tune in to themselves. Every year more research continues to validate a self-directed education is the most natural, effective, and obvious way forward.

We hope the content will inspire your journey and serve as a useful tool for communicating about Self-Directed Education with your curious or skeptical family and friends.

Do you remember when you first discovered Self-Directed Education? Maybe it was decades ago, or just last month — or, maybe you’re just discovering it now. Many conversations and contexts have served as entry-points to Self-Directed Education over the years, and many more continue to emerge. Do you remember whose story struck that first chord in you?

If you are passionate about sharing your Self-Directed Education experiences with the world, we welcome you to become a contributor to Tipping Points.

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