Tipping Points
January,  2018

The Real Stuff

Authentic learning happens anytime, anywhere. Children have the natural ability to find real meaning in everyday experiences.

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Our Road Trip: Visiting SDE Communities

Driving across North America, connecting SDE dots.

Choice Is An Illusion If Not Free

Students making free, self directed choices is a vital part of democratic education.

Personalized Learning for Two-Legged Walking Computers

Behavior Modification Trumps Self-Directed Education

La Escuela Mata la Creatividad

“¡La diferencia es abismal!”: Rebecka Koritz nos comparte las observaciones hechas dentro de sus proyectos educativos sobre el nivel creativo de niños escolarizados y de niños desescolarizados.

The Power of Story

Encouraging homeschoolers, unschoolers, and those who attend alternative schools to change the world through personal narrative

SDE and the UNCRC Part 2: Education as ‘Compulsory’

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child enshrines the child's right to an education that is child-friendly and empowering, and that enables the child to enjoy the full range of human rights. Yet, it also makes this 'compulsory'. Is this the contradiction that it seems to be?

Unschooling In Class

College students gain first-hand insight into the intrigue of unschooling

Living With An Explorer

Like St. Exupery’s “The Little Prince,” my son, Jamie, surely fell to us from some small, distant planet where money doesn’t exist, no one suffers, […]

An Experiment in Schooling

Living in Costa Rica leads one unschooling family to examine the culture of institutionalized schooling.

JUAL is a Jewel of a Journal

Peter Gray Interviews Carlo Ricci, Founder and Editor of the Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning .

Los Riesgos de la Educación Autodirigida

¿Cuáles son los verdaderos riesgos de la Educación Autodirigida? En este artículo Rebecka Koritz examina los mitos y los miedos acerca de esta innovadora opción educativa.

The Taming of the American Child

Micromanaging and making kids' lives risk-free makes them unhappy and unhealthy, and it's not good for the planet either. Parents can give kids their lives back by refocusing on their own, making everyone more well-adjusted and joyful.

The Key to Learning: Process vs Product in SDE

A beautiful real-life example of how life-learning, process-orientation and collaboration can trump lectures, product-orientation and competition.

Can Teens Self-Direct?

By preserving their innate autonomy, Self-Directed Education helps teens become confident, capable adults earlier than their schooled peers.

An Incomplete and Personal History of the Modern Schools

A romantic tale of becoming involved in the hundred year history of an anarchistic colony of self-directed educators and children

Los Ingredientes de la Educación Autodirigida

Rebecka Koritz explica bajo qué circunstancias los niños y jóvenes aprenden de manera óptima en un contexto de Educación Autodirigida.

The Child’s Right To Education

Exploring the Relationship between SDE and the UNCRC: Part 1: The Good News.

Free Falling With An Autodidactic Autistic

Parents of an Autistic child let engagement, trust, and intuition guide their son’s development

The Naiveté of Love

A former soldier aims to create a more loving world through family-based education

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