Tipping Points
March,  2018
The Self-Directed Bookworm

Hail the Almighty Diploma

On the Undeniable Power of Credentials and What Self-Directed Learners Can Do About It

Deschooling in School

Part 2: Why even try?

Can Unschooling Save Our Planet?

How we treat the earth is a reflection of how we treat each other.
Voice of the Children

Sexuality, Gender, and Childhood, Part I

How perception of sexuality and gender is transformed by education, and what that means in Self-Directed Education.

Challenging Convention and Post-Secondary Education in America

Conventional wisdom says we all need to go to university, but is that really what’s best for everyone?
Previous Stories
El Mundo Donde los Niños Son Personas

Libertad Bajo Responsabilidad

Muchas son las personas que confunden libertad con libertinaje. En este artículo Rebecka Koritz explica las diferencias.

Making Sense of #metoo

Consent is a big part of what we do at Mont-Libre. But tackling an issue as sensitive as #metoo with teenage boys is still a challenge.

Self-Directed Education: As Social As It Gets

How and why Self-Directed Education is more social than teacher-directed schooling.

From Fear to Freedom

One family recounts their journey from an education based in fear, to an education based in trust.
Voice of the Children

The Children’s Civil Rights Movement

“Why are those teachers screaming at those kids?” my son James asked me, with a look of true shock and concern on his face. He […]

How Self-Directed Education Supports Children’s Mental Health

How a child’s personal attributes can be valued and fostered in one setting, and labeled a mental health disorder in another.
El Mundo Donde los Niños Son Personas

Cómo Se Ve Realmente Cuando un Niño Aprende

En este artículo, Rebecka Koritz explica cómo se ve la educación autodirigida en la realidad, y por qué la programación con la que cargamos como adultos nos impide reconocer los momentos de verdadero aprendizaje.

Artificially Segmented Learning

Learning is not as neat, tidy, and segmented as our schooled culture would have us believe.

Deschooling in School

Part 1: Is it possible?

The Real Stuff

Authentic learning happens anytime, anywhere. Children have the natural ability to find real meaning in everyday experiences.

Our Road Trip: Visiting SDE Communities

Driving across North America, connecting SDE dots.

Choice Is An Illusion If Not Free

Students making free, self directed choices is a vital part of democratic education.

Personalized Learning for Two-Legged Walking Computers

Behavior Modification Trumps Self-Directed Education
El Mundo Donde los Niños Son Personas

La Escuela Mata la Creatividad

“¡La diferencia es abismal!”: Rebecka Koritz nos comparte las observaciones hechas dentro de sus proyectos educativos sobre el nivel creativo de niños escolarizados y de niños desescolarizados.

The Power of Story

Encouraging homeschoolers, unschoolers, and those who attend alternative schools to change the world through personal narrative

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