Updated 2021-03-10

Another Way

a course for visionary educators seeking to liberate kids to learn naturally
Ken, Sundiata, Lora, Cassidy facilitator
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This course is for anyone who has felt the tension of forcing children to learn and has wondered if there is another way. There is! We will introduce you to the world of Self-Directed Education (SDE), which describes a more humane approach to learning that puts children’s natural curiosities and interests front and center.

You will be led on this journey by seasoned mentors with wide-reaching experience in this field who will provide various resources to engage, reflective discussions, and immersive experiences in SDE learning spaces. Through key books, podcasts, films and presentations, you will learn the core values and principles of the field. We will explore some of the current SDE models and support you to discover your niche and to consider how and where you may join the movement.

This course is led by Lora Smothers, Kenneth Danford, Dr. Sundiata Soon-Jahta Ed.D, and Cassidy Younghans.

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