Updated 2020-08-27

EC Stanton Texoma Community School

Sudbury-style school in Sherman, Texas.
Courtney Gibson founder
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214 W Brockett St
Sherman, TX  75090
United States


EC Stanton Texoma Community School is a Sudbury-style schools in Sherman, Texas. EC Stanton believes children have certain unalienable rights in which to explore their education. The right to exist peaceably and the autonomous exploration of their individual interests are among these liberties. Core values we students and staff strive to uphold:
1) We acknowledge all people and believe we are all fundamentally equal and worth of respect.
2) We recognize that play is learning.
3) Students have the freedom to choose what they want to learn, how long, and how in depth.
4) Students are responsible for their own happiness, growth, and success.
5) Adult assessments of students are only done at the request of the student.
6) Students and adults have an equal voice in the decision making process, excluding legalities or some issues of safety.
7) Students help solve interpersonal issues through a judicial committee. Rules are clearly defined, apply to everyone, and are enforced fairly.

SDE Optimizing Conditions

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