Updated 2022-07-13

The Shift Training

A 7 day training for parents & adults supporting youth and life-long learners, focused on shifting from a paradigm of oppression & fear to one of equity & freedom. Discover the true value of learning, community building and equitable relationships!
Becka Koritz trainer
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Oct 21, 2022, 10:00am — Oct 28, 2022, 4:00pm CST
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Address: Explora ALC
Calle de la Cruz s/n
City: Puerto Escondido
State: Oaxaca
Postal Code: 71980
Country: Mexico


The Shift is for you if you want to:
– End power struggles and transform your relationships (kids & adults alike).
– Understand how oppression shows up in your life and develop tools to live more freely.
– Learn to build consent-based, trusting and authentic relationships.
– Release fear of what others think of your parenting and/or beliefs & way of life.
– Develop communication & conflict resolution tools.
– Step away from conventional systems (i.e. school) with more confidence and ease.
– Truly understand how we learn & how to support self-direct learning for yourself and for others.
– Learn through play.
– Get clarity on what deschooling is and/or how to deepen & have more confidence in your practice.
– Experience agile tools & practices used to co-create intentional community & culture.
– Be part of an emerging & awesome community.

If you want to gain more freedom in life and build equitable & consent-based relationships with others and with yourself – this training is for you!

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