Updated 2020-11-17

Unschooling NOW

Homeschool, unschool, life-learning gathering. All are welcome!
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Colorado Springs, CO  80921
United States


Nurturing Ourselves Within. This is the bottom line, the gist, the vibe, and the aura that you will be encapsulated with when you gather with the amazing peeps of the U-NOW annual gathering.

We have all chosen this path for an experience larger than ourselves. We each have decided that unschooling, life-learning (however you want to term your journey), is the right path for you. You know that voice in you is calling you to this and you know that it can be scary, exciting, wavering, and rewarding in each breath we take and each step we make. Sometimes it feels like a step forward with two steps back, but we know that this…. this is the path we have chosen for a very profound reason.

Each of us has our reasons, and each of us has our experiences. AND…. each of us choose GROWTH. We nourish, embrace, remain open and nurturing to the growth that each new experience may bring to our lives. Each of us has something to offer and each of us has something to learn, gain, acquire…. love and grow.

This gathering is designed to discuss unschooling, life-learning, parenthood, human-hood…. LIFE! We are not only exploring the education component, but we are exploring the family and the community, not to mention…. each individual. We welcome people open to growth, open to exploring, open to respect of every individual, and most importantly….. love and respect of our young as the amazing human beings that they truly are.

If any information about this resource is out of date, please let us know.