2024 VELA Grant

Grant Impact Statement

ASDE has been granted money and has so much work we want to do in the community! ASDE has always been a mostly volunteer organization and is committed to redistributing wealth through our 2024 VELA Grant initiative. Through grant funding, ASDE aims to provide community resources created by members of the Self-Directed Education community who are historically marginalized and underrepresented in the movement.

This statement signifies a dedication to creating a more equitable society by financially compensating these individuals for their time, labor, and experience. We believe this commitment to social responsibility and economic empowerment is a crucial element to building a more just and inclusive society for all.

Our Plan

Resource Packets

We are designing robust resource packets for parents, facilitators, and youth on important topics within SDE that can be downloaded on our website for accessible rates.

Each of these packets will be authored by various voices within self-directed education.

We will be working all year with 30-50 creators to put together the following resource packets.

  • Intro to Self-Directed Education
  • Partnership & Intersectional Parenting in SDE
  • Building Resilient Community
  • Support for Young People by Young People
  • Neurodiversity in SDE

Support Calls

ASDE has really been examining our role in the movement for self-directed education and collective liberation, and have decided that as an organization; we’d like to offer opportunities for parents, caregivers, facilitators and youth to connect, ask questions, gain insight, resources and support in their pursuit of self-directed education. We have the ability to facilitate this through supportive conversation and many more resources to be coming soon!

The purpose of these zoom calls is to have a panel of experienced people from a variety of backgrounds and lived experiences, to engage with parents, caregivers, facilitators and mentors who have been in partnership with youth through unschooling, SDE spaces and centers.