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Tipping Points Press amplifies and highlights the diverse voices of this movement, in order to advance our mission of making Self-Directed Education a legitimate, accessible option for all families.

You can purchase our print books on Bookshop.org or see below for a list of publications and eBooks.


How do I buy your books internationally?

Our books are available anywhere in the world, as they are in the international bookseller’s database. And so, if you have a favorite bookseller, you can use the names of the books or the ISBN numbers of the print editions to order them:

  • 9781952837081, RIGGED by Hazel Smack
  • 9781952837067, Mother’s Nature Pedagogy by Peter Gray
  • 9781952837005, The Harm of Coercive Schooling by Peter Gray
  • 9781952837029, The Harm of Coercive Schooling by Peter Gray
  • 9781952837043, How Children Acquire “Academic Skills” by Peter Gray

We encourage you to first check your local independent bookseller. But if all else fails, here are some international sources for our books:

How do I submit my manuscript to Tipping Points Press?

We are currently accepting both agented and unagented SDE-related
submissions. Please send your query and first five pages of your (completed) manuscript to the Tipping Points Editors at tp.editors@self-directed.org

Book-length SDE Nonfiction:
Please send your proposal and a five-page sample of your writing to the Tipping Points Editors at tp.editors@self-directed.org

Current response time is up to two months. Please be patient with us as we read and respond carefully to each submission. We are especially looking for submissions spotlighting the experiences of Black and Indigenous SDE folks and also encourage youth, disabled folks, and non-US folks to consider publishing with us.

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