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Tipping Points is all about exploring the various flavors, and amplifying the diverse expressions, of the Self-Directed Education experience.

Below are some general examples of the kind of content we publish:

  • Stories (text, audio, video, images) of your personal experiences with Self-Directed Education that give people a window into what it looks like and how it works in your life.
  • Insights into how your work intersects with SDE (without being self-promotional).
  • Research-based / academic research that address child development, education policy, etc., through a surveying of relevant research.
  • Editorial style commentary that highlights the importance and relevance of Self-Directed Education in our world today
  • Excerpts from a book you wrote, with permission from the publisher, if needed.
  • SDE Fiction: Any stories, plays, scripts, comics, etc. that have self-directed characters, are about youth liberation, and/or youth rights advocacy.
  • Art – poetry, drawings, paintings, etc. of work related to SDE or youth liberation.
  • Excerpts or full episode of your podcast or video creations.

Think we’re missing something? Have other feedback? Send us an email and let us know.

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