Tipping Points
May,  2020
Growing Up Unschooled


A series on of the systemic discrimination of youth.

Can You Love What You Do?

Contrary to cultural expectations, self chosen activities don’t have to taste bad to be good!

Why are You Still Sending Your Kids to School?

A review of Blake Boles’ new book that is being released today.

Supporting Parents During and Beyond These Uncertain Times

A webinar series in collaboration with Eclectic Learning Network & The Alliance for Self-Directed Education

What They Need to Know

A satire about learning in and out of school.
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Previous Stories

Micro-Schools May Be the Future of Education

A discussion of how self-directed spaces are able to flex in this time of crisis.

The Day it Became Okay to Just Be

Learning to just be during quarantine.

Now is the Time to Care About Public Schools

In the scurry to assert a sense of normalcy, public school districts, educators, and families are missing opportunities to revise assumptions about how education ought to work. Now’s our chance to shift the status quo of conventional schooling.

My Unschooling Testimony

This story involves suicidal thoughts, self-harm, and bullying. Please do not read this if those topics will trigger you. In elementary school, I was the […]

An Open Note for Families During Uncertain Times

A write-up around ways to support families during this time.

Education is a Practice of Freedom

An exploration of the intersections between learning, education and schooling and their relationship to the society we end up with.

Youth Expression Through Body Art

Some young people are getting tattoos and body piercings as an expression of their youth rights movement.

To Brighten Your Day

Artwork created and performed by self-directed children during Coronavirus mandated quarantine.

Evidence Emerges to Support SDE

Some science-backed benefits of unschooling.

Self-Directing in Isolation

What does it mean to self-direct in an isolated world?

Self-Directed Education: Inequitable or Radical?

Many people worry that Self-Directed Education is too risky for children from less privileged households. But is our duty to expose kids to the types of knowledge that confer privilege, or to help them develop their fullest, most meaningful lives?

Community Updates on COVID-19

Ten members of SDE communities discuss their reactions to COVID-19 and quarantine.

Love and Learning in a Time of Coronavirus

Recent journal entries from the Director of one self-directed center.

Life Is an Adventure

One person’s decision to direct their own education and why doing it should be the norm.

What Happens When People Start Designing Their Own Learning Paths?

How I designed an “informal PhD” and what other folks are doing in the same direction.

From the Archive

The Key to Learning: Process vs Product in SDE

A beautiful real-life example of how life-learning, process-orientation and collaboration can trump lectures, product-orientation and competition.

The Power of Story

Encouraging homeschoolers, unschoolers, and those who attend alternative schools to change the world through personal narrative

SDE and the UNCRC Part 2: Education as ‘Compulsory’

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child enshrines the child’s right to an education that is child-friendly and empowering, and that enables the child to enjoy the full range of human rights. Yet, it also makes this ‘compulsory’. Is this the contradiction that it seems to be?
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