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November,  2021

All Learning is Self-Directed

Due to the unique nature of each individual, all real learning, no matter what the setting, is individualized and Self-Directed.

Seeding Liberated Futures — Antonio Buehler

“We’re not trying to hack the system in our unschooling – we’re trying to burn it down.”

Unschooling As An Act of Resistance

A video and transcript from The SDE Weekend discussing unschooling as an act of resistance against white supremacy, racial/gender stereotypes, ableism, and other forms oppression that centered marginalized voices.

The Teenage Liberation Handbook

An excerpt from the new 30th Anniversary edition.

Learning: Lost and Found

Learning that’s lost in school can be found in many ways, if it needs to be found at all.
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Previous Stories

But What is Unschooling? A Question from My Mother.

After years of having conversation with my mom about unschooling she still doesn’t seem to get it. This article is an attempt to explain it to her and anyone else struggling with the concept of unschooling.

The School System is Suffering, Let it Die!

An excerpt from the latest Youth Liberation Now zine by Filler Distro.

Yes, It’s Lord of the Flies Around Here

Talking to others about SDE is frequently frustrating, due to their misconceptions which they often do not wish to challenge.

Consent-based v Self-directed: what’s the difference?

Four main points and some reflection on the pros and cons of consent-based education compared to Self-Directed Education.

From Farm to Unschooling the Parent

Through regular visits to a friend’s farm with my pre-school age kids, I learn how self-directed learning about parenting profoundly shapes their learning.

Peter Gray Book Launch

Q&As with Peter Gray on his books published by Tipping Points Press.

“Hurry Up” and the Rush Through Childhood

When we hurry our children through their days, are we inadvertently asking them to rush through their childhoods?


A poem about being uprooted.

The First Prison

Every hierarchy, every abuse, every act of domination that seeks to justify or excuse itself appeals through analogy to the rule of adults over children. We are all indoctrinated from birth in ways of “because I said so.”
Voice of the Children

The Great Surfer

A tribute to childhood.

They Played Their Hand, and We Have to Say, “We’re Not Going Back”

What did the coronavirus crisis teach us about education in the US? That we have all the resources we need when we want them.

Becoming Yourself: Neurodiversity and Self-Directed Education

Self-Directed Education enables us to take very different educational pathways with our children which particularly suits those who do not fit the mainstream mould.


Deschooling is so much more than moving into unschooling: it is our opportunity to give each other time and space to take back our freedom, to foster lost relationships, values and connections, and to reimagine what our own life, our community and society at large could look like.

Eilish Grammys Make Greenberg Reconsider Unschooling

Sudbury Valley School co-founder apologizes to unschoolers, admits to being Billie Eilish groupie.

Everyday Conversations

We do not schedule conversations into neat little blocks of subjects and time. We let curiosity lead us into debates, discussions, and verbal exchange.

From the Archive
Voice of the Children

Seas Rising Up, Youth Rising Up

On Friday several self-directed learning centers in New York City joined thousands of other young people worldwide as they walked out of school on climate strike

The Child’s Right To Education

Exploring the Relationship between SDE and the UNCRC: Part 1: The Good News.

Nurturing Children’s Natural Love of Learning

The Natural Child Project has been advocating for children and Self-Directed Education for twenty years. Jan Hunt outlines why a self-directed education makes sense and how you can nurture it.
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