Maleka Diggs

Maleka Diggs is an unschooling advocate, community organizer, and trainer that centers equity and inclusion with a focus on BIPOC communities who has been serving families, schools and alternative learning spaces through her organization, Eclectic Learning Network. She is also co-founder of Philly Children’s Movement, a multi-racial and multi-generational collective of families talking, playing, and rising up for racial justice! Her work explores the intersections of race and education, its impact on Black and Brown peoples and those within under-represented communities while exploring ways to disrupt the cycle of institutionalized education through unschooling and self-directed learning approaches.

Maleka is currently available for speaker requests only.

Specific areas of focus:

  • Unschooling and SDE community organizing and facilitation
  • Deschooling facilitation
  • Unschooling as a tool for decolonization
  • Transitioning to Unschooling and SDE
  • Unconscious Bias, Equity, Inclusion facilitation