Local SDE Groups
Support Self-Directed Education in your community

Local organizing for relationship-building, community support, and resource sharing are crucial to the success of any movement. The Self-Directed Education movement is based in grassroots organizing and community coming together to support one another. This is exactly the kind of organizing that The Alliance for Self-Directed Education (ASDE) seeks to support and be supported by through the local SDE groups initiative.

ASDE supports local organizers to help catalyze the formation of groups aimed at supporting and promoting Self-Directed Education in their local communities. These groups are autonomous entities and may or may not choose to incorporate. Local groups are legally distinct from the Alliance for Self-Directed Education, but are free to use the website and resources of the Alliance to further their local efforts and to communicate.

Local SDE groups can take many different forms. They can be parent support groups, discussion groups, or even advocacy groups. There are local SDE groups that support the community by providing a safe space for parents of self-directed children to talk about their joys, struggles, and ask one another questions. There are groups that are sharing SDE through showing videos, sharing books, and discussion. There are other groups that are working towards normalizing and popularizing SDE in their city.

Have questions about how to form a group? Wondering where to meet, how to plan meetings, or how to gather interest? Want to know if there is a group in your area?

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