Local SDE Groups FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

What purposes do the groups serve?

A group can serve whatever purpose your SDE community wants or needs. Some possibilities we imagine include: local advocacy projects, parent support, networking, and building community.

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment is really up to you and the needs of your group. Consider starting with 1-2 meetings a month. For more support, ASDE recommends that the group organizer attend an online meeting between other organizers and the ASDE Community Manager, once every several months, which we will organize.

Are there other people in my area interested in SDE?

You can search for other ASDE members in your area by going to our member search page.

Other good resources for finding people in your area are posting on the ASDE Local Groups forum, and checking out members of ASDE’s Facebook page.

Can my learning center be a group?

ASDE’s local SDE groups initiative is intended for groups that do not require financial commitments such as membership fees. You can use your learning community space as a meeting space for the group, however, the hope is that these two communities are distinct from one another, and you may not require the group’s members to be paid members of your learning center.

What is the difference between a local contact and a local SDE group?

Local SDE group organizers are the main contact and organizing force for their groups. They plan and organize meetings and are responsible for the formation of the group.

ASDE has not yet set up a system for local contacts.

Still have questions? Contact our Community Manager at bria@self-directed.org