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The Alliance for Self-Directed Education is thrilled to partner with all kinds of organizations that are supportive of and advocate for Self-Directed Education through the Organizational Membership program.

To qualify for the program, organizations must be actively supportive of the SDE movement in some way that is publicly visible, such as operating an SDE-aligned school or learning center, or providing services or products intended to support SDE. An “organization” can also be a one-person business that provides SDE support services, such as an educational consultant or coach.

Organizational Membership perks include:

  • Organization’s logo listed on the front page of ASDE’s website
  • Your logo will link to the homepage of your organization
  • A special digital “badge” that you can display in your on your website (Similar to individual member badges)
  • Access to purchase our SDE primer and other informational materials at cost (coming soon)
  • Other emergent partnership opportunities

Organizational Membership requires a monthly donation of $20, or an annual donation of $250.

Interested? Fill out the survey below to get the process started, or contact with any questions you have.

We look forward to partnering with you in this way!

Please be patient as we review Organizational Membership applications.

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