Resources committed to youth rights, collective liberation, anti-oppression, & community care.

We have found that any resource freely chosen by a learner can be a resource for an unschooler or other young person committed to SDE. However, to maintain our directory as a place where young people, parents, and families can reliably find communities, especially, where youth rights and autonomy will be respected, we wish to emphasize what we include and do not include.

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SDE Communities

Schools, co-ops, resource centers, and social programs that bring people together with the intention of supporting SDE.

Advocacy & Support

Organizations and groups that advocate SDE and support SDE practitioners, facilitators, and/or community organizers.


Online and in-person events that promote, or are likely of interest to, SDE practitioners.

Information & Media

Recommended books, videos, websites, blogs, podcasts, research, news, and other SDE information sources.

Professional Services

Service providers who have SDE-related knowledge and/or who serve with respect for the needs and values of those engaged in SDE.

Comprehensive Liberation

Resources to support SDE-aligned collective liberation and anti-oppression.


Opportunities for work that support families practicing SDE.

Misc. Resources

Resources for which no other category is applicable.

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