The SDE week 2024

Imagine a celebration of Self-Directed Education anywhere in the world. Imagine people from different countries finding out for the first time what SDE is; imagine SDE kids, teens and adults celebrating the way they are approaching education; imagine kids and teens experiencing a day or more of joy in a SDE way; imagine students in colleges and universities discussing what SDE is – in a dedicated class or event. Imagine teachers learning how to optimize their activities where they are, for the young people they work with. Imagine SDE practitioners connecting and exchanging good practices. Imagine a mini-conference or a non-formal gathering in your community – SDE being the main topic. IMAGINE a week dedicated to Self-Directed Education, anywhere in the world.

Can you see yourself planning a small, medium or large event – whatever fits your capacities and intentions? Can you co-create this week with us, the Alliance for Self-Directed Education and other organizers from the world?

If you started imagining, here are some thoughts to consider:

What is the SDE Week:

The SDE week, 23 – 29 September 2024, is an umbrella event coordinated by ASDE in which any organization, school, institution, company or informal group can organize an online, in-person or blended event for babies, children, youth, young adults, adults and/or professionals. No one is charging or paying anyone.

Creating and joining an event should be free of charge. We know that different resources will be used in the process, but we can reach many people, and have a big impact with the support of each organizer and their efforts.

All the events created in the SDE week will appear on the map of the event, here, on the ASDE website, along with a general description of each event. Each person interested in joining an event can use the search form to find an event for a specific target group/ topic/ day or location. It is the responsibility of each organizer to determine how a person can join an event, as well as the planning and the management of each event.

ASDE provides support in planning (through different support calls) and contributes to the promotion of the events and to the dissemination and follow-up activities, and providing a visual identity and branding pack to all the accepted events.

The goals of the SDE week in 2024

  • To increase awareness of the Self-Directed Education as a valid educational option among families (adults and children);
  • To increase awareness of the Self-Directed Education as a valid educational option among colleges of education, teacher training offices and future educators;
  • To contribute to creation networks, communities, and collaboration between SDE practitioners;
  • To increase visibility of existing SDE centers, groups, and communities locally and Internationally.

The target groups of the SDE week in 2024

  • Families, in all their shapes and sizes;
  • Educators from any type of education (from conventional, to alternative, to the alternatives to the alternative);
    Future educators;
  • Babies, children, youth and young adults that are interested in learning/ education/ experiencing SDE;
  • The SDE International community.

What is required of you in joining the SDE week as an organizer:

  • Fill in this form by 30 May 2024
  • Wait for the confirmation of the event registration (sent through email within a week after signing up)
  • Sign the partnership protocol by 14 June 2024
  • Download the promotional pack (visual identity and branding)
  • Join the organizers call on 17 July 2024
  • Join the support calls (optional) on July 24th and / or July 31, 2024
  • Promote the event
  • Organize, have fun, and enjoy the event
  • Promote the results of the event (dissemination)
  • Join the follow-up call of the organizers on October 5th, 2024

How do you join the SDE week as a participant:

  • You go on the ASDE website starting 17 June 2024, search for events on the world map of events or using the search form
  • Access the event link for (more) details and registration
  • Join and enjoy the event

Need more information or support? Join the support calls:

  • 1st support call: Ask Me Anything about the SDE week – 10 May 2024
  • 2nd support call: SDE values and optimizing conditions – 13 May 2024
  • 3rd support call: Event design workshop – 20 May 2024