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Eilish Grammys Make Greenberg Reconsider Unschooling
Sudbury Valley School co-founder apologizes to unschoolers, admits to being Billie Eilish groupie.

Earlier this morning Sudbury Valley School co-founder Danny Greenberg gave a long awaited apology for a 2016 blog post that contrasted the Sudbury and unschooling philosophies. “I hadn’t thought about how my words might hurt so many people and distance us from unschoolers, who I realize now are really really cool.”

The change of heart comes with another revelation: Greenberg is a huge Billie Eilish fan. “I’m a groupie, even.” Eilish, who recently was nominated for four Grammys and won two, including Record of the Year and Best Song Written for Visual Media, was homeschooled and “allowed to pursue the things that [she was] interested in.” “Clearly she was unschooled and that led to her success,” Greenberg said, “And, I mean, after listening to ‘No Time to Die’ I realized unschooling and Sudbury do have a lot in common. It’s time we became friends again.”

Greenberg did admit that he is a bit nervous if Eilish and all unschoolers in general will be able to learn the basics, “How are they going to learn math?” But then he added, “Well, if they fall behind, we’ll leave our doors open at Sudbury Valley for them to come learn those basics.”

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