Learning to Embrace Life as a Teacher: A Poem
A poem describing the cyclical stages/thoughts we go through after committing to unschooling

I. Discovery

In nature’s course, wisdom lies in wait–
no set agenda, no opening gate.
Every leaf a story, every breeze a call
to savor the journey of learning’s enthrall.
So one sunlit morn, awash with newborn light,
books lay dormant, classrooms locked tight.
Life, the teacher, whispers, “Unfurl your sail.
Chase the winds of curiosity, let not your spirit pale.”

II. Freedom

Beneath the skies, amidst trees’ shivers,
learning flows like bubbling rivers.
Unfettered by the clock’s unyielding grip,
the sweet nectar of knowledge, we freely sip.
No stern bells ring, no walls confine,
the world unfurls as the mind’s divine.
Inquisitive hearts in fields of dreams
finding out lessons in Life’s streams.

III. Doubt

Yet quiet echos of uncertainty cry,
as questions loom and amplify.
This doubt, a teacher stern and wise,
shapes us, makes us question, rise.
In the mist of ambiguity, truth’s seed is sown,
for in the quest of answers, minds are grown.
Though doubt may shake us, make us strive,
it’s through this prism, we truly thrive.

IV. Resilience

Not every path is smooth, or bright,
yet each struggle is education’s true rite.
A strength of spirit, courage unchained,
by Life’s tough instruction, lessons gained.
In failures’ embrace, seeds of success sprout,
obstacles sow insight among the doubt.
Natural learning’s ascent–a daring leap,
an uphill climb, a pathway steep.

V. Growth

In every breath, in every flight,
in quiet peace of the moonlit night,
by joy, by tears, by love’s gentle rife,
we bloom forever in the garden of Life.
The heart unfolds, the spirit soars,
in Life’s great school without closed doors,
fueled by passion, by love, by strife,
we learn, together, through the school of Life.

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