I’m uprooted
Much like cutting your plant to replant.
I’m rearranged. Reorganized. Replenished. Reasserted. Reassimilated. Reimagined.
I’m in different homes every death and rebirth. Some have more caring owners. Some water and feed me.
They show great care.
Sometimes I move along with them and they unfortunately don’t have room for me. So I am shared. A friend. Who unfortunately forgets to water consistently.
I am dead now.
But I am alive in other homes. You could say we’re all the same but we’re all so different. With different circumstances around our leaves that we shed to make peace with the earth.
And each time we’re shared and uprooted there is violence. There is weatherings. Some of us won’t survive even that.
There was a place that we called home. But it has changed now. Someone has dug up the land and put in a building of some kind. Cars now drive through our resting areas.
We are really just here to beautify your home. We’re not part of the landscape as we are not from here.
We’re uprooted.
And uprooted we may stay until our memories fade.

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