Supporting Parents During and Beyond These Uncertain Times

These webinars are for parents who are faced with quarantine, and experiencing difficulties in figuring out the best way to navigate schoolwork, learning, and living together. We recognize there are folks out there who are looking for support and we want to be able to offer a listening, caring, and supportive space for people to respectfully engage the challenges that are showing up in our parenting practice, and together, explore ways to shift things.

This series is designed intentionally and exclusively to support families without any expectation to pivot existing learning pathways. It’s all about connection and support.

The recorded sessions below have been adapted to suit viewers who were unable to attend the live session as well as participants who would like to review through prompts that have been embedded throughout the session.

Part I: Supporting Parents During Uncertain Times

Part II: Ways to Prioritize Self-Care

Part III: Boundaries


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