Youth Content Creator Information

We are looking for young people to create content, including (but not limited to!) articles and videos, for our Self-Directed Education for Young People by Young People packet.

As you may know, ASDE was able to obtain a grant to make some of our dreams for the community come to life, one being robust resource packets on various topics within SDE and Collective Liberation for families, facilitators, and youth.

Each of these packets will be authored by various voices within self-directed education.
For a bit of overview, we will be working all year with 30-50 creators to put together the following resource packets (in alphabetical order).

Building Resilient Community
Intro to Self-Directed Education
Neurodiversity in SDE
Partnership & Intersectional Parenting in SDE
Self-Directed Education for Young People by Young People

The Self-Directed Education for Young People by Young People packet will cover
-Intro to SDE, optimizing conditions, why SDE, etc.
-Leaving school – the practicalities and beyond. Talking to your parents, enrolling as a homeschooler, finding SDE centers, legal aspects
-Youth experiences in SDE, resources, what does unschooling look like, opportunities, ideas, and finding stuff to do, there are a million different ways to do this!)
-Being an SDE young person in a schools world
-How to connect with other unschoolers (Online communities, Locally, Camp options, Etc.)
-Being an ND Unschooler
-Hacking school in school (if you can’t get out....)
And more!

Each module section will include several subtopics, so for example...

Leaving school:
-The practicalities and beyond
-Talking to your parents
-Legal aspects/registering as a homeschooler
-Finding SDE centers

We want this to be a co-creative process, where youth are submitting topics that have been extremely valuable for them on their SDE journey, or things they wish they had known. We are accepting content beyond the topics listed here, so please submit any ideas for content that resonate for you.

We are accepting articles, videos, audio, art, poetry, comics, and more as content for these packets!

We ask that each contribution include:
-Intro to the topic
-Personal story/angle or deeper explanation of the topic
-Reflection questions or other invitations for the readers to go deeper in their thinking

Compensation is available to youth (up to age 22) for content for these packets.

For more information on these packets, and our 2024 goals and projects, check out our 2024 Grant page.
If you are interested in creating content for this packet, or want to learn more, please email with any questions, inquiries, or content proposals!