Posted 2018-02-23

Today’s AMA with Jeremy Stuart starts at noon/ET (9am/PT)

Log into the ASDE Member Forums and post your questions for Jeremy:

[photo] Hello, I'm Jeremy Stuart.

I'm a filmmaker, video editor and father of a 13-year-old daughter who has never attended public school.

Six years ago, I set out to make a feature-length documentary that realistically portrayed what learning outside of the traditional classroom looks like. The result of that effort is the film Class Dismissed. In 2015, after a highly successful independent theater run in the US, I released the film on DVD and streaming platforms worldwide.

Since then, it's gone on to screen in more than 20 countries receiving wide critical acclaim from homeschoolers all over the world, as well as alternative and even traditional educators. In South Africa, the film was screened by the Department of Education in a special symposium about homeschooling, and the same thing happened in New Zealand with the Ministry of Education.

I'm currently in production on my follow-up film, Self-Taught, which primarily will examine the question: How do kids who are non-traditionally educated turn out as adults?

I'm honored to be participating in this forum and I look forward to your questions.

Note that the AMA ends tonight at 9pm/ET (6pm/PT), but ASDE members will still be able to view all the questions and answers posted during the event, here.

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