Posted 2023-03-23

ASDE Needs Your Help!
Our monthly supporters ensure ASDE has a sustainable future

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This is an urgent request for your support. We’re asking you to help us reach our goal of $6,000 in monthly pledges from ASDE members and donors.

With minimal staff and resources, ASDE has succeeded in bringing people together all over the world to help them understand they are not alone in their pursuit of collective education liberation.

Also, the number of supporting members and non-member donors has been very minimal. The organizing team and Board of Directors appreciates each and every one of you who do support us, but we are not able to sustain our operations another two months without a significant increase in monthly donations. One-time donations are heartfelt and often very generous, however, we need monthly donations to give us the security to plan and implement our strategic programs and goals.

This campaign also includes some special perks for donors. For more information, visit our campaign page.

Donate to ASDE

“When we were living in China and first
considering self-directed education, we
didn’t have anyone to turn to or talk to. There
was so much information on the internet but it felt disparate and incohesive. We were so grateful when we came across ASDE! It helped clarify some of the core beliefs and values around the SDE movement and convinced us to take the leap. Over the years, it has supported us in our unschooling journey by connecting us to other SDE communities, creating space for us to explore this work together as a global community, and providing vision uniting those who practice unschooling as a path to liberation. Please consider supporting ASDE and the important work they do!” – Iris Chen

Perks for Donors

  • Access to past SDE Weekend videos
  • Free guest with paid ticket to the next SDE Weekend Event
  • Signed copy of “Free to Learn” by Peter Gray
  • Tickets to an “Ask Me Anything” Event with ASDE Organizers and an “Ask Me Anything” Event with Nancy Tilton, ALC Mosaic director and facilitator
  • 1 hour call with an ASDE Organizer

All of us who guide the work of ASDE ask you with compassion and deep gratitude to commit to a monthly donation of any number; seriously – no contribution is too small. We also ask you to spread the word among your SDE friends and colleagues. Our membership is a fraction of the many who are finding value in the Tipping Points Online Magazine, the SDE Weekend, local SDE groups, the Resource Directory, and the books published by Tipping Points Press. Please encourage everyone to become members of ASDE.

The Board and Organizers acknowledge your generosity, and thank you for your support.


The ASDE Organizing Team

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