Posted 2022-11-18

Autumn in ASDE
What’s up at The Alliance for Self-Directed Education

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In this newsletter you can read about

Past activities
The projects and activities that ASDE did this Autumn.

Current focus
What are we working on these days.

Future events
We have multiple opportunities for those interested in SDE. Check them out!

The past

What did we do this fall

Tipping Points Magazine and Tipping Points Press:

In October we launched a recruitment call for new authors and we are happy to have received many emails from people interested in sharing their stories, experiences and expertise in Tipping Points, both Magazine and Press.

We also continue to publish recordings from the 1st and 2nd editions of the SDE weekend.

Team Update:

ASDE is also happy to announce that our wonderful

Janice McDonald is our new Tipping Points Magazine co-editor.

Janice, enjoy your time at TP!

Grant results:

In 2019 The Alliance for Self-Directed Education has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Woodshouse Foundation. This grant focused on engaging with Libraries from a self-directed education perspective.

Can Libraries save Free Play?

We have some project results that we want to share with you!

Read about the Expanding Role of Libraries

Organisational development:

This Autumn we paused some of our current actions to reflect and connect with our members and supporters.

We checked-in with our organisational and individual members through an online campaign.

We asked all those who are part of our community (and receive our newsletter) to tell us how they would like to interact with ASDE (what type of connection they would want, where to connect with ASDE, what they appreciate and what they would want to share with ASDE and our larger community.

We got many answers to our questions (including to some that we did not asked in the forms, but that we had in mind when planning this reflection).

We hope and plan that our next projects and plans in ASDE will better fit the needs, wishes and curiosities of our community.

To connect with us on this topic, message Sonia Khost at

Resource Directory is constantly updated and will be hosting new info soon.
Take a look at:

SDE Communities
Advocacy & Support
Information & Media
Professional Services
Comprehensive Liberation
Misc. Resources

The present and the short-term future

What is ASDE doing these days

“Community Presents” Annual fundraiser:

We are planning the annual ASDE fundraiser as an online SDE event.

With the support of our friends and members (organisational or individual) we are organising a virtual event where our community can gather and share their gifts with each other in conversation.

Our members are donating their experience and time as a gift for the event participants and they – the participants – are donating money as a gift that supports the organisation to implement its mission.

These gifts we called them “presents from the community” so we then named our event “Community Presents”. It is not just a wordplay, is more of an invitation to be present, mindful and bring ourselves, as we are, in an online event to be with each other, to hear and see each other and to learn from each other.

More info coming soon!

Organisational membership:

ASDE is inviting its organisational members to an online meeting on zoom.

We will reflect on our collaboration and steps forward through a focus group that will take place on December 14th, 12.30 pm EST.

Details coming soon on the organisational members emails.

Looking forward to this!

Join the ASDE Research Group on Self-Directed Education

The ASDE Research group have been meeting once a month, online, now for 4 years. The purpose is to support research into SDE primarily by providing a forum in which people who are conducting such research can discuss their research ideas and findings.

The discussions are moderated by Peter Gray and they are planned according to the group’s availability.

We use to stay in contact both a Slack workspace and a Facebook group.

If you want to join, please email Sonia Khost at

with your full name, the country where you live, few words about yourself and the answer to the question:

“This group is for people who are conducting research into Self-Directed Education or planning such research, for publication. In what ways are you involved in such research? You must answer this question as part of your application.”

Applicants do not have to be associated with a university (though most are) and we interpret research and publication broadly. Some of our members are people who have been unschoolers or leaders in democratic schools and have written about them, in scholarly ways, in books or articles for the general public.

ASDE will host volunteers

We are preparing ASDE to host volunteers for specific projects.

We started 2022 with dreaming about our organisation and our contributions. We continued the beginning of the year with planning the dream and the vision. The rest of the year we made constant, self-paced steps towards our goals.

Preparing ASDE to be a relevant, healthy, process & people focused hosting organisation for volunteers is now one of our activities.

Stay connected with us (through the newsletter or website and social media) to see our first volunteer call.

Plan ahead

We are also planning...

The SDE Weekend from March 3rd-5th, 2023 – 3rd Edition

More info coming in December 2022.

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