Posted 2019-06-18

Children’s freedom is one of the most important civil rights issues of our time

Greetings to Alliance Members and Subscribers!

Through the forums on, and in our working groups and local SDE group support calls, we see members everywhere receiving encouragement and inspiration from other members to promote Self-Directed Education in their families, communities, regions and nations.

The Alliance takes great pride in fostering such creative interaction among its members and knows it would not take much to be able to do more. There are so many people aware that their right to choose their personal education is being ignored, but they have yet to find out about ASDE and all the resources we make available to assist them.

A simple automatic monthly donation of $5 from all members who have yet to contribute would more than double our operating budget. For the cost of two cups of coffee per month our awareness capabilities would increase significantly, bringing greater recognition to the movement while attracting more supporters and helping more people to exercise their right to direct their own education.

We are so fortunate to have you with us on this journey of awakening and we are grateful to be able to help you in your own initiatives to enlighten a larger audience. Please share this email with your SDE community and encourage that they join you in pledging a simple $5 every month to accelerate the movement into the eyes and minds of parents, educators, and legislators the world over.

Thank you for taking two minutes to donate to the Alliance in order to grow the movement!

The ASDE Organizing Committee

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