Posted 2022-02-10

Event Listings, SDE Weekend Reflections, & Announcements

Hi Everyone,

As we move into the new year and settle in after our exciting January event, The SDE Weekend, we are reevaluating the purpose and goals of ASDE as an organization. We are doing this by engaging in a strategic planning process together to identify needs, and plan what we will focus on for the next several years.

More about how you can be involved in this process is shared on Instagram and will also be coming in a future newsletter. For now, keep your feedback coming as it arises for you. We always want to hear it!

Our events page is now hosted under our Resource Directory. Meaning that any member can add events and a volunteer will look over and approve them. Please share your events with us and do not hesitate to add them here.

The SDE Weekend was a huge success! And by success we mean filled with connection, learning, challenging moments, and reaffirming ones. We are grateful to all the speakers and participants, and especially grateful that we were able to fulfill every single reduced or free ticket request (over one third of the event participants!) We were able to do this thanks to the people who paid over the average ticket price in order to support others who needed aid, as well as the sponsorship of ten tickets from Vela Education Fund. Thank you all for that support — it had a huge impact.

Here are some things that are happening around the SDE community. Including videos, events, and fundraisers for exciting projects.

A group of folks in Turkey are working on researching and translating books into Turkish, as well as offering pop-up adventure playgrounds, free play, and other SDE-related support in their communities. To support them in their efforts and read more about their projects, check out their fundraiser here.

Pat Farenga’s speech about the new edition of Teach Your Own is now available to view here. For those who were not able to attend the event a few months ago, this is the speech that Pat shared during that time.

The Re-Imagining Education Conference is taking place on February 24th-27th, 2022. This four-day virtual conference will reflect on the question, “How do we reframe and sustain learning environments that honour diverse knowledge ecologies and cosmologies in a rapidly changing world?” Learn more or sign up here.

The Anarchist Pedagogies Network will be hosting School Revolt 2022 in February and March. School Revolt “is a multi-week festival of talks, workshops, and special events that deal with Anarchism, Education, and Intersectionality” and will be hosted online from February 14th-March 18th. Check out their schedule of events here.

Finally, video recordings and transcripts from The SDE Weekend will be release through Tipping Points Magazine over time, so keep an eye out for that content. You can also sign-up here to received an email every time a new Tipping Points article is released.

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