Posted 2017-08-30

One Day Left in ASDE Gift-Matching Campaign

The good news is that we’ve raised nearly $6,000 that will be matched by our anonymous donor!

The other news is that we still have 24 hours* for donations to be matched — up to $4,000 more! Tell all your friends who support SDE that they can still make twice the difference by giving today:

Organizations:  If you run an organization or business that supports SDE, you can become a Sponsor, have your logo proudly displayed on the Alliance home page, AND get your sponsorship donation doubled. See our current Sponsors here.

How to Double Your Donation

Current members:  Log in to your Account page and click on “Make New Donation and/or Pledge.”

New members:  Sign up to be a part of the Alliance and choose to donate during the signup process.

All donations made between now and August 30th* will be matched by our anonymous donor, up to $10,000. And remember that all monthly pledges will be matched through the end of this year!

With gratitude,

— Alliance Organizing Team

Donate Now!

*The matching offer will officially end on August 31st, at noon GMT (the last possible time it can be August 30th anywhere on the planet).