Posted 2023-04-11

LIMITED-TIME SPECIAL GIFT – Last 3 Days for Our Fundraiser

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We have a few more days left for our monthly donor campaign, and in addition to the perks we are already offering, we want to offer a special gift for folks who become monthly donors in the last few days of the campaign. Perks are only available until April 13th.

Self-Directed Education-related fiction is something that we desperately need — for our young people to see their experiences reflected in characters they can connect to; for adults to see the same; and for SDE to be normalized in popular media so that others see this way of living as just another way of living, rather than something so outside of their understanding. For these reasons, and many others, Tipping Points Press has been focusing these past few months on publishing an SDE-related young adult novel, and we are so excited to be able to finally share it with you all!

For a limited time, RIGGED will be a special perk when you become a monthly donor between April 11th and April 13th.

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Summary of RIGGED:
For Fisher Haskins, school is a torturous waste of time, and not just because he can’t shake his reputation of nice-but-dumb kid. After his evening job washing boats on The Row, he barely has time to scarf down leftovers, get through his mind-numbing homework, and catch a few ZZZs.

Until recently, staying busy had worked just fine to distract Little Fish from facing life’s big quandaries, like, are some people destined to be eternal losers? Who decides what “winning” even means? And why does he feel like a walking magnet for every asshole on the island? If his dad were around, maybe he’d have some answers. Or would he be too wasted to care?

Excerpt from RIGGED:

Mom looks at me with big, sad eyes, which I hate. It burns me. I wish Mom and the whole rest of the world would just admit that I’m school stupid, then try to see the other stuff I’m doing right. I’ve been doing a lot for myself since Dad’s been gone. And I manage to stay out of trouble, with or without mom having time to notice. Why doesn’t that count for something?

And even though I’m young, I can out-fish most of the captains and mates on the docks who are all at least twice my age. Everyone knows that, including Mom. Why doesn’t that balance things out so she can quit feeling sorry for me, or worse, feeling embarrassed of me?

For $5+/month, you will get a copy as soon as RIGGED is officially released.
For $25+/month, you will get a SIGNED copy by the author, Hazel Smack.

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By becoming a monthly donor, you’re saying that you also believe in the vision of a world where young people’s human rights are respected and upheld, which includes the freedom to direct their lives and education; and where Self-Directed Education (SDE) is widely embraced, accepted, and available to all families regardless of their status, race, or income.

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