Posted 2023-04-24

Saturday Event + Fundraiser Results

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Saturday, April 29th from 3-4 pm Eastern, on Zoom

AMA with Nancy Tilton, ALC Mosaic

Join the Alliance for Self-Directed Education, on zoom, as we chat with Nancy Tilton about what she has learned from 10 years of directing and facilitating at an ALC


For this event, Nancy will be sharing with participants things she’s learned from directing and facilitating at an Agile Learning Center for 10 years. As many of us know, operating an SDE center is complex and ever-shifting, and Nancy has experienced many shifts throughout her ten years at ALC Mosaic. She has many insights to share around facilitation and operating a center, as well as any other questions that come up for folks that attend. If you are a facilitator, a school founder, an interested or current SDE parent, or are considering opening a school or becoming an SDE facilitator, this is a great opportunity to learn from someone with many years of experience in an SDE setting!

This event is pay what you can. We strive to keep our events and offerings accessible to everyone without financial barriers to access, but we do need donations in order to keep doing the work that we do. If you are able, please make a contribution for a ticket to this event. Any amount helps!

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Fundraiser Results

We did not reach our goal, but we increased our donors. Our organization is one step closer to being more sustainable.

We secured about 30% more in monthly donations from 50 new donors, plus donation increases from previous supporters and several one-time donations.

We have always held the value that our offerings should be accessible and finances should not be a barrier to access. That is why everything we offer is either free, or has an option for sliding scale. That being said, donations and paid tickets are what makes it possible for us to offer resources for free. We want to share our immense gratitude with those who became monthly donors, or increased their monthly donation, and are supporting this important mission of making SDE accessible and normalized for all. We have some exciting things in mind for ways to expand our resources and our revenue, so stay tuned! 😉

What events, resources, and offerings do you want to see from ASDE in the future?

All the Best,
ASDE Board + Organizing Team

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