Posted 2018-12-08

Share Your #SelfieDirected Story!

We are sharing #SelfieDirected stories on social media throughout the month of December, and we would like to invite you to contribute your selfie and story.

Follow ASDE on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, for the questions of the week, and share your answers with the hashtags #SelfieDirected #SelfDirectedEducation and #SDE. If you would like to share your answer directly through ASDE’s social media channels, please email your Selfie video (one minute or less) or Selfie picture with a quote to

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[photo] ¿Cómo elegir la "mejor educación" para tus hijos?
Todos los papás quieren brindar a sus hijos la mejor educación, pero ¿cómo te aseguras de hacer la elección adecuada para ellos?
Rebecka Koritz
[photo] Not So Clever?
One of the hidden lessons of school is that we can be categorised by our ability, which then affects how we see ourselves and other people. This makes no sense within self-directed education, meaning that learners can retain their trust and joy in their capacity to learn.
Naomi Fisher
[photo] Just Be In Relationship
Trust and authenticity are central to the practice of Self-Directed Education.
Bria Bloom
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