Posted 2018-05-12

The Joy of Unschooling, with Pam Laricchia

[photo] If you have embraced the unschooling path, then you've probably already encountered the work of Pam Laricchia. For many years, her books, websites, podcasts, articles, and unschooler gatherings have been providing invaluable support for unschooling parents — especially those who are new to the practice.

We're thrilled that Pam will be hosting our next "Ask Me Anything" event, in the ASDE member forums (here), next Thursday, noon–9pm/ET (9am–6pm/PT).

We'll send you a reminder email Thursday morning, and in the meantime we recommend you explore her books and all the fantastic free resources on her website:

Even if your Self-Directed Education path is not what you would call "unschooling," you can still benefit from Pam's resources for deschooling, which is a process that most parents and children who have attended conventional schools need to go through when they shift to SDE.

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