Posted 2019-07-05

Three Common Myths about Unschooling

Education in Transformation (EDIT) and ASDE are partnering for a crowdsourced video project addressing common myths about unschoolers. Are you a grown (or current) unschooler? We would love to hear your ideas about three of the most common myths associated with unschooling:

1) If no one forces you to learn, you won’t learn much
2) If you don’t go to school, you won’t be well socialized
3) Without school, you won’t have opportunities for a successful future

If you are a grown or current unschooler and are interested in contributing to this project please take a look at this document for instructions, specific details, and guidelines for submitting your short video contributions. Please upload completed videos to this folder. We are so excited for this collaboration and can’t wait for your footage!

-ASDE & EDIT Organizing Teams

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