Updated 2022-11-09

Agile Facilitation Intensive

A four week Agile Facilitation Intensive where current and future facilitators put agile tools, conscious communication & conflict resolution into practice and boost their space-holding skills.
Sari González director
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Jan 30, 2023, 9:30am — Feb 24, 2023, 4:00pm CST
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Address: Explora ALC
Calle de la Cruz s/n
City: Puerto Escondido
State: Oaxaca
Postal Code: 71980
Country: Mexico
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The 4 week Agile Facilitation Intensive is for you if you want to:
– Deepen your facilitation skills and have a better understanding of what self-directed learning is.
– Develop new practices to shed oxidized beliefs & habits in order to be able to hold space for self-directed learners.
– Support learners to develop autonomy & independence.
– Learn to build consent-based, trusting and authentic relationships with learners, facilitators and parents.
– Deepen your understanding of how an ALC operates and how to cultivate a culture of trust & appreciation.
– Get support from a professional and experienced SDE-team.

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