Updated 2022-04-26

Conscious Parenting x Restorative Justice

Develop RJ philosophy, practices, & values to shift from oppressive practices to implementing more liberatory parenting practices rooted in freedom, respect, & autonomy!
Domari Dickinson & David Ryan Barcega Castro-Harris
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May 1, 2022, 12:00pm — May 1, 2022, 2:30pm Eastern Time


Amplify RJ uses the following definition for Restorative Justice:​

​”Restorative Justice is a philosophy and set of practices, rooted in Indigenous teachings, that emphasize our interconnection by repairing relationships when harm occurs while proactively building and maintaining relationships to prevent future harm.”

In this workshop you’ll experience a combination of interactive exercises & group discussions that will help you:

-Acknowledge the Indigenous roots of RJ work and the intentional erasure and disconnection from those roots.
​-Examine how White Supremacy Culture harms all people by disconnecting us from ourselves and each other.
​-Differentiate the nuances between punitive and restorative methods of addressing conflict.
​-Explain the basics of the Restorative Process, respond to the needs of everyone impacted by a situation when working to repair harm.
​-Create actionable steps to shift from oppressive parenting practices to more liberatory, love-centered practices that are focused on freedom, respect, and autonomy.
​-Integrate Restorative and Racial Justice values into life long, internal, and external work

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