Updated 2024-05-09

Crafted Learning – Anthony Galloway

Services include: unschool and self-directed education coach; academic advisement; course and curriculum development; facilitation and mediation; accountability and thought partnership; project management.
Anthony Galloway facilitator


Who I Am:
Anthony. Some people call me Tony.

Where I’ve Been:
For at least a decade I’ve been in the arena of childcare and education. In 2014 I set out on a mission to start a paradigm shifting school rooted in liberation, joy, & empowerment. Two years later, I co-founded Heartwood Agile Learning Center in Clarkston, Georgia where I served as Co-Director and Lead Facilitator for 6 years.

I coach, guide, & support:
-students through their education journey by facilitating learning experiences based on student interests.
-parents and families in their unschooling & deschooling journey.
-parents and educators who are creating or facilitating learning communities.

Are you or do you know:
-a young person engaged in independent study who could benefit from an accountability coach/group?
-a young person who wants to outsource some of their executive functioning?
-a young person or parent making graduation or post-secondary plans?
-an unschooling, homeschooling, or worldschooling family looking for advice on creating or refining their rhythms and routines?
-a parent or young person that wants help navigating their own deschooling process?
-a parent or young person that wants to have family meetings not based in wielding power over others?
-an SDE aligned educator that could use a like-minded thought partner or advisor?

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