Updated 2023-08-14

Deeply Deschooling: Hands-on deschooling support for unschooling parents

DEEPLY DESCHOOLING is a group coaching opportunity for a limited number of parents committed to the deschooling process and who are seeking support in navigating their fears and oxidized beliefs to deeply transform their relationship with their kids.
Becka Koritz trainer
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Oct 7, 2023, 10:00am — Dec 16, 2023, 12:00pm CT
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-Confused about what deschooling means and how to navigate the process.
-Unsure of what your role as an unschooling parent is.
-Struggling to find a balance between supporting autonomy and setting boundaries.
-Seeking to develop more collaborative, equitable relationships with your kid(s) and family.
-Having trouble letting go of power & control.
-Challenged in trusting your kid(s).
-Worried about screwing up your kids’ future.
-Anxious about hanging out with friends & family that hold different beliefs & approaches.

We give you the tools to:
Break generational cycles of power imbalance in relationships.
Heal from oppressive relational patterns.
Co-create a new way of relating and communicating with the youth in your life.
You rediscover your true purpose as a parent so that you can support the autonomy and freedom in your kids.

Our job is to support you by holding space, listening, mirroring and sometimes challenging limiting thoughts or beliefs. We provide you with concrete tools in order to navigate your deschooling process with more ease. We also share our experience, knowledge, knowhow and expertise in order to help you move from where you’re stuck to where you want to go.

-3 month group coaching program (11 sessions).
-6 live bi-weekly sessions (12 hours).
-5 Accountability partner sessions (5 hours).
-Deeply Deschooling 911 Kit.
**Group size max 15 people.

Hope to see you there!

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