Updated 2021-05-25

Justine McConville, SDE Literacy Coach & Consultant

Justine coaches young people with dyslexia and supports families through reading and writing development in remote consultations and tutoring sessions (based in Portland, OR).
Justine McConville Literacy Coach & Consultant
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Justine coaches caregivers and young people who struggle with literacy through an SDE lens in consultations and tutoring sessions. She often implements the Orton-Gillingham reading intervention program for dyslexia, customized for each learner, and is committed to a non-coercive approach that is rooted in trust and relationship. Her background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Florida, a Master’s Degree in Linguistics from Teachers College, Columbia University, three years of teaching in New York City public schools K-12, facilitating at The Village Free School in Portland, Oregon since 2017, and offering literacy consulting and tutoring since 2018.

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