Updated 2018-10-05

Kristi Helgeson Coaching, Life Coach & Education Consultant

Life coaching and education consulting for exceptional individuals of all ages and their families.
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I specialize in exceptional individuals and their families, with special experience in the cognitively gifted with or without learning differences (twice-exceptional or 2E).

Working collaboratively, I help my clients identify, develop and nurture their unique strengths and talents. Informed by neuroscience and positive psychology principles, I provide support in developing self-understanding and positive self-identity, personalized, self-directed learning models, integrating technology tools into everyday life, identifying goals and the incremental steps to reach them, strengthening self-advocacy, executive function and academic/work skills, and connecting to peers, mentors, experts and communities.

Specialized skills: sabbaticals and travelschooling, education alternatives — including self-directed education, homeschooling models, and curriculum creation and design — the highly and profoundly gifted, dyslexia/dysgraphia/dyscalculia, visual-spatial learners, twice-exceptional with ASD/ADHD/anxiety, assistive technology, enrichment/life learning, and talent development.

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