Updated 2022-02-12

Leaning into Our Children’s Mathematical Thinking

Decolonizing how we think about & support children’s development of mathematical skills & concepts by leaning into self-directed & culturally responsive learning.
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Feb 22, 2022, 4:00pm — May 3, 2022, 6:00pm PT
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What can the teaching and learning of mathematics look like for us as we walk the path of raising and learning with free people? This course is for individuals who are interested in countering the idea that math is memorization, formulas and algorithms, rigidity, speed, and isolated concepts, and replacing it with the idea that math is deep exploration, flexibility, choice, relationships and patterns, playfulness and joy. This 6 session course with guided feedback is for people who want to do some de-programming about who is and what it means to be “good at math”. This is for people who want to build and/or maintain a habit of letting go while leaning in during math conversations with young people. Participants will meet biweekly via Zoom every Tue. for 2 hrs (4-6p PT/7-9p ET).

Your facilitator is unschooling mom and long time math/Cognitive Guided Instruction educator, Zeba Savage. Zeba is founder of Savage Learning Environment, a garage/backyard space in LA that facilitates Blackness-centered learning clubs and partnerships with other families.

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