Updated 2020-12-13

Leslie W. Bray

Intentional Living Coach & Community Mentor, specializing in presence counseling, deschooling, parenting on purpose, life-learning, self-care support, and intentional community mentorship.
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(+1) 404-669-6195
Atlanta, GA 
United States


“If you ask her, Leslie will tell you that she is becoming. She is a life-learner in the truest sense. She is an award-winning educator, a community organizer, founder of Kid Cultivators Homeschool Community, an intentional community for homeschooling and unschooling families in the Atlanta metro area. Leslie has been a life-learning coach, assisting families to create, plan and execute home learning practices for and with their children. She is the first Presence Counselor with the Raising Free People Network, offering guidance to parents looking to do the personal leadership work involved in deschooling. She is also a community mentor, creative, healer, photographer, partner, mother, and most importantly, owner of herself.”

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