Updated 2020-09-23

Lisa Branigan Business Coach/Consultant

Working with SDE children to start their own business.
Lisa Branigan facilitator
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In the courses I facilitate we will watch cartoon videos to understand each weekly topic (as required).

We discuss and share our ideas as a group; supporting and coaching each other to nut out the answers to weekly topics.

This is a hands on course where children will need to be involved planning their business each step of the way (it’s not a sit and watch course).

Through questioning, reflecting and listening children will work out what business they want to start, how that business will look, if it will make them money and what they might require legally to run their chosen business.

There is a huge amount of learning in setting up and running a business. Your child will gain life skills to use in all areas of life such as goal setting, persistance, confidence, research skills, making good decisions, handling set backs, knock backs and negative opinions.

Parents are always welcome to sit in on the courses. All outschool teachers undergo a background check.

If any information about this resource is out of date, please let us know.