Updated 2024-07-06

Not back to school – FREE WEBINAR

This webinar is for all unschooling parents! It gives you practical ways to navigate doubts that can come up on your unconventional path, and provides important perspectives that help you find more ease during this time of the year and beyond.
Becka Koritz facilitator
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Aug 10, 2024, 12:00am — Aug 11, 2024, 11:59pm CST
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Are you an unschooling parent that sometimes has doubts – perhaps even fears – about the path that you and your family have chosen?

Seeing friends and family members return to the rigid rules of work and school after the freedom of summer can stir up emotions of relief – but also doubts and fears about your own choices.

In this free, pre-recorded webinar, you get practical and effective tools to navigate these emotions and the potential skepticism of the world around you.

You also get important perspectives that help you find more ease in your unschooling journey – during the end of summer and beyond.

How does this webinar help you?

As unschooling parents, we want our young people to be free and empowered. That can be really hard if we don’t feel empowered ourselves.

Staying grounded in your choices is important as it helps you show up daily with more ease, joy, and presence. It also makes it easier to continue to advocate for your kid’s natural learning, autonomy and freedom.

This webinar is all about getting in alignment with the vision of the life that you want to live with your kids!

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