Updated 2022-07-07

Part-time Staff at Bucks Learning Cooperative

We are recruiting for a part-time staff person to work directly with young people (aged 12-18) at our center in eastern PA, USA.
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Bucks Learning Cooperative, in Bucks County, PA, is on a mission to make Self-Directed Education for teens a viable alternative to school and create a financially sustainable model that can be replicated by others throughout the world. We are looking for a person to join our staff who has entrepreneurial zeal for the mission and views this work as more than just a job.

BLC staff are responsible for making deep mentoring connections with teens and their families, leading classes, and taking charge of various administrative roles. We are particularly looking for someone with passions in math, science, and technology and who can lead classes in those domains. A strong preference will be given to people who have demonstrated a desire and ability to make things happen. No specific educational or professional credentials are required—we are most interested in what you have done and what you can do.

Starting salary is $30,000 and does not offer benefits.

The application is available on our website.

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