Updated 2022-04-12

Radical Deschooling Chats

A monthly free webinar given on the 2nd Saturday every month by Sari Gonzalez & Becka Koritz
Becka Koritz trainer
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May 14, 2022, 10:00am — May 14, 2022, 10:45am CDT
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TOPIC: How do we f$&# up as parents?!

It happens ALL the time. We do or say something without thinking clearly, and suddenly our kids will give us the laser eyes, call us out, accusing us of adultism and more…

We know you know what we’re talking about, and most likely you feel like CRAP when it happens…

We’re here to tell you IT’S NORMAL! And it’s ok! Because we can always repair it – as long as we’re willing to do the deschooling work.

So, in our upcoming Radical Deschooling Chat we will talk about fuck-ups in a safe space where we can all share our less glorious parenting moments, and inspire each other in how we can do the repair work and continue the deschooling process.

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